Monday, July 30, 2007

Bazooka Penaka

Kinda liked the name, it sounds like a little triby. Well maybe this Kelvin guy got the bikezooka series mtb race after listening to Wing's Orang Asing lah, don't think so.

OK, it started to rain at 6.30 yesterday morning & I overslept. Woke up at 7.00 when I was supposed to hit the road at 7.00...aiya. Rain have stopped as I left Cheras but in PJ and all the way to RRI, Sg Buloh it was drizzling. Talking about crazy people do crazy stuff in the lazy Sunday raining morning eh?

Time trial started off at 9.00am & I was the third guy when they release at 2 minutes interval. No more rain, it was just time & me. The first burst on the straight paved road almost took half my breath. Once hitting the off-road, it was recovery time since takde orang nampak...hahaha. Then there was this 200 meters singletrack winding around rubber trees before going back to another energy sapping sandy road all the way to the finish line. I took 9:13:66. Half dead.

A quick recovery meal at a mamak with Alwin & Azri before returning to our 'making our life difficult' session. The endurance race started at 2.00pm. The loop was about 8km in length. I only managed to finish 5 loops in 3h10m13s after getting a hitch of pain on my left leg during the 4th lap & on the right leg at the 5th lap. Like Azri said ending his 7th lap...semua sakit, even his rambut...hahaha! Yep, thats what I get for what I trained for. As of now, kinda looking forward for the next series but still subject to a thousand considerations.

Azri was the champ for Category 2 while Alwin took the 3rd place. I placed myself in the 5th rank in Category 3 despite missing the xc mass start last July 8th. Turnout today was about 1/3 compared to the previous xc mass, that's why I get to jump the category la...hahaha...sendri mau ingat.

Overall, the event was an awesome one. Cool crowd, friendly organiser, nice prizes, tense-free race environment, great simple TT trail & demanding endurance route up to the radar station. Nice weather for killing oneself in the afternoon when the sun was biting my back during the looong climb. Made new cool friends too.

Check out the Series 1 results here

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Frasers Hill Ride

Joint PCC ride today all the way to the clock tower of Frasers Hill. PCC buat join ride between mtb & roadies, so a few Camdekians gave it a shot. We left KKB stadium carpark at 9am & I reached the gap in about 2 hours plus. The 31km ascent was similar to GS except for the distance.

Starvation pushed us to attempt the remaining 9km 12-14% climb towards the clock tower, praying that they have decent nasi lemak, roti canai & teh tarik. Another hour of climbing surrounded by peaceful climate got us to the best breakfast of the day.

We rolled back down to the gap at half pass 12. Azahari completed a crash episode when he skidded from a mossy tarmac at one of the sharp turnings & banged himself on the sidewall. No injury recorded except for a punctured front tyre.

The journey back to KKB was attempted with a fast winding descent against the cold air & wind at some stretches. Ride was fun, enjoyable, good work out, nice crowd, nice weather. I give it 5/5.

Mac brought us a disturbing news at the carpark about a fellow cyclist who was missing during his first triathlon in PD this morning. It was later confirmed from friends that he was drowned during the swim leg. Yep, later that I realised arwah Zubir was that senior malay chap rode together with Azahari & me during PCC Sunday ride to Janda Baik.

Cyclo readings:
  • Milage : 82.31km
  • Time : 4:15:19
  • Average : 19.3 km/hr
  • Max : 49.5 km/hr

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Pick your line la bro...

The first crazy idea of the day that crossed my mind as I woke up on Saturday morning was to try out Kiara all by myself. The second crazy thing was riding it. It's been awhile since my last Kiara ride, which was, I think maybe about 2 months back. The Kiara carnival which is just another drops away drove me to test my guts back. Last year registered but DNS...hahaha. The only year that I missed since 2004. Maybe sebab puas hati from 2005's performance.

Weather was a bit overcast. It may scare away some faint hearted cyclist & kept them to the bed. Did my warming up halfway to Twin Peak before rolling down the winding drops towards the race track. Yep, my nerves weren't there yet...semangat ada tapi berani belum daaa... The basics of choosing the line & rolling over roots and ruts was ok but not the sharp turnings daaa. Mesti mau try a few times lagi before the race date to get rid of those unnecessary clowning stuff on the track...hahaha...I even laughed to myself thinking of it.

Btw, I also need to remember the route again, sebab sesat la tadi. Entah mana-mana la aku masuk...kah kah kah.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Time to migrate?

It seems that lately i've been giving it a thought of migrating to blogspot instead of my current wordpress. My free flickr account has reached it's free limit of photos, they need me to upgrade and of course with some fee. So, if blogspot, all the photos will just refer to my hardisc instead of uploading it to flickr. Cool. Might do the migrating soon. This post is the transition...