Saturday, July 26, 2008

My first Mass experience

Yep, got to know about this phenomena from one of those Bicycling issues back then. It was Vancouver or San Francisco? Sorry, can't remember, but it was something though. Something that attracted me to read more rather than the normal stuff reviews & tips.

Came across the local event myself while I was surfing the net last month & I did leave a supportive comment to the blogger. Last night, I was proud to be part of an international event. Yeah, people see in different perspectives. I saw it in mine.

As I was about to discover more about it while browsing the local blogs, my earlier opinion came true. In US it involves massive tragedies with the law & politics. Here, it involves the normal sick opinions of bringing people down from doing something good...too bad.

However, all in all in depends on the motive. We, here, Malaysia, KL are just another typical Malaysian whom want to enjoy the sport in every kind of way it is presented. Ride & live.