Saturday, September 12, 2009

3rd week

Dah masuk 3rd week into Ramadhan. Tarawih aku balun, lari tak seberapa tapi weekend night ride aku looked forward to. With the last 2 rides covering the mains of Putrajaya road, the workout turned out to be awesomes.

Last weekend quite a handful of us covered 47km which ended us hit by windstorm. We were drenched and cold but a tasty garlic cheese nan weaved with mee goreng mamak at 2.00 in the morning was promising. We closed the day at 3.30am sleepy.

I only managed to squeeze in a tiny short run on Tuesday, just enough to twitch the running muscles and back for buka puasa. Compared to the tiny workout, a bigger chunk of grilled lamb dumped in at two different buka puasa occassions. Those are loads of cholesterol dude!

Last night's ride was a different agenda. All 17 of us which was successfully organised by Julie vied FB rolled of from palace of justice at almost 12.00. The menu was 25 kph over 60 km. We struggled to suit the menu but failed. Adrenaline rushed in and the ride turned out to be an interval ride, bashing at every flat, attack at every climb and crouching oneself tucked in at every descent. The flats, the short and long climbs and the descents were superbly spreaded throughout the route. With more grilled lamb chucked in during buka puasa, I felt that it almost gave me a belly cramp.

We were rewarded with magnificent carbo reloads and snacks at post ride. Thanks again to Julie again. I swigged in loads of those sweet seedless black grapes & a cute bottle of vitagen. The best ever post ride meal.

Looks like it was our last night ride for this years Ramadhan. The menu during Syawal shall be well table out for the next task in hand.