Thursday, November 28, 2013

Crash and not burnt

Counting backwards, it's 16 days without mishaps. Alhamdulillah. Going back 3 weeks ago, I was doing back to back cycling. The crazy suffering ride to Part Dickson from home on Sunday, and a comeback to Bukit Kiara doing the full loop on Tuesday. That was the first day of Muharram. Physically it was taxing that it took throughout the three days until the weekend to recover. But came Sunday, the short ride up Genting Sempah was miracle. The muscles showed signs of strength. I was flying...

...perhaps this is a bit exaggerate
...but so was my descending. A mere 15 minutes rolling down from the peak, I hit the deck. Hard. It was pain again since my motorbike crash in 2008. The road rash was the worse part to deal with. It was split second at the crest of the corner, the rear wheel slides and my last thought was gritting the pain over my left cheek. My left face was red covered in blood. My right hand as well. My chest was in pain, so was my thorn jersey and bib. 

The remaining descending seemed endless while the corners seemed doubling up. Tackling those crests doubled the effort with pain at bay. I can't think more than the next cause of action of dealing with the wounds.

Azahari suggested the first aid treatment should be at the Hospital Orang Asli Gombak. Alhamdulillah the procedure was zero hassle having to have dearest lovely nurse cleaning up the wounds and a jab up my sleeve.

The rest was a week on medical leave and despair. And another week of work piles. However, I didn't lost my spirit. Looking forward for another weekend after recovery.

I'll make sure precaution is priority