Wednesday, March 19, 2014

World Disorder

There's too much going on around right now. Ever since those windy days, hot and dry spell followed for almost 2 months now. Until the breaking news of water supply disruption which first hit Klang Valley. And now spreads over the entire country. And it hasn't been raining, promisingly and naturally. Unless they do those artificial rain or so called cloud seeding. 

Just as we were about to embark into the rhythm of the 'un-falling' rain together with the hunt for price-hiked water-container fever, out of nowhere we were blanketed with haze. It is no intermittent but such a pretty bad one. The API reading gets hazardous approaching every evening. Alhamdulillah we have some winds blown around during the morning and night time, but the heat wave keeps getting stronger. 

Then there was a tiny advert called by the governing body...."please announce in discreet, price hike 5 sen for Ron97 ya...". Read it like you never notice it. won't have any impact on me, since I don't own an Alphard. But, I did accidentally fill up my motorbike with Ron97 with my normal RM5.00 rate. It only filled half my tank and only lasted 5 seconds after squeezing the nozzle. It may seemed just like a cup of Ron97. So clever la them, announcement made in hazy weather.

Just as we were about, again, to drench our lungs with more unhealthy particles from forest fire and open burning, we were shaken by the biggest news. A missing Malaysia Airline jetliner. A Boeing 777. The news spreads like the east wind blowing chilled news all over the country. We were the centre stage of the world since the international flight was bound for Beijing, and it appeared to lost comm in the middle of the South China Sea south of Vietnam coast.

Like other happenings, these things are always prone to tonnes of speculations. It gets even worse with the help of social medias and unofficial newsmen. It has been almost two weeks now since the tragedy, March 8, 2014. Still, the plane and it's passengers and crew are missing.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Queen Stage - LtdL 2014

I was there again this year at Stage 4 'Queen Stage' at Genting Highlands for the le Tour de Langkawi 2014. Though my earlier plan was to cycle up like the rest of the Malaysian cyclist enthusiasts, a last minute decision was made to avoid from regrets and catastrophe. Actually, body was aching from playing football over 3 evenings in the neighbourhood. 

You know the drill la, the anxiety was high and young but the old body was struggling to catch up. Then there were also kids and teenagers also, these few dads were marching up and down the football field when it was only 15 minutes into the game. All joints were screaming in pain like a post marathon syndrome. Pardon me for the long absence from running. 

Instead of having to wake up early on Sunday morning, struggling from the aches some more, I was able to supervise my kids for their early morning tuition and homework drill with breakfast by chef dad. Casually drove to Genting Highlands at 9:00 AM.

Right after the first climb from Karak Highway with 10% inclination, I was already greeted with gritting teeth cyclists cranking up the slope. Met a friend which seemed to be still energetic. As I coast uphill, more and more weekend warriors spread all over the climb towards Goh Tong Jaya. Weather was superb, not too cold and not too shiny.

The gradient became 'ammah' after Goh Tong Jaya. The first few stretches were long and granny. It was silence but not until some ego-maniac superbikes vroom-ing by like they own the road. Talking about respects. Piece by piece I met with cycling friends completing the puzzle of who was ahead and who was taking their leisurely pace.

The spot for a good view of the stage will be at the so call chinese temple, a few kilometres before the peak. This spot have been favoured by spectators for years. It could be having the most steepest, but best of all, there weren't any officials manning the fans. Every year, the spot drew in growing number of crowds. This year, it was probably the largest since the stage falls on Sunday.

ETA for the peloton was 12:30 PM. There was a slight delay but we waited at the corners patiently. Weather was still good, allowing for chillax talks and kinds like that.

Once the cavalcade drove by, the madness took place with adrenalines flying around, be it the pros themselves and the fans. Let the photos tell the madness...