Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Fisioterapi (Physiotherapy)

Fisio atau in english it spells 'physio'. My first experience. It may sound like things you might want to avoid because most commonly it involves patients. Orang sakit. Kalau tak nak sakit, please avoid injury. No it is not something that you do to make you stronger from current state, unless you are...again, a patient.

Lebai Google explains

The sprain ankle that I suffered from Mt. Kinabalu never did fully recover. I can still feel the tingling pain when some force or abrupt load applied. Yesterday morning, with a bucket of anxiety I attempted a slow jog. My legs wobbled. The ankles seemed unstable at every tiny pounding. This can't be right. I tried adjusting my running gait but still, it doesn't feel right. Even my posture wasn't right. I felt lousy.

I went to the clinic for advise. The doctor suggested an x-ray procedure, just to ensure my bones are fine. The result came out good. Alhamdulillah. Hence, she advised for a physiotherapy. All four sessions of it, everyday. Hmmm...that's interesting. At least it can work out something fast for my next outdoor trip. I hope.

The session started this morning. The place is a combination of a small gym or yoga area and some rooms with curtains. A therapist conducted a Sonotron procedure for a few minutes. She explained that it emits a purple color wave that will be absorbed by the affected tissues which eventually helps the recovery. It may or may not work for some people.

The next procedure was soothing. She strapped my ankle with two pads of electrodes and let the electric waves did the massaging for twenty minutes. I could have dozed away if the session lasted longer. 

My kind of ankle sprain. Twisted sisters
Then she taught me a few resistance work outs that helps strengthen my calves. These muscles are inter-related. With a few damaged ones, the rest of the muscles may have to work harder to keep the system in balance. No wonder I felt pain in both my heels every morning upon waking up. These muscles are also taking the extra stress. And you can figure out how does these works if an overweight figure suffered the same thing.

That figure it out. Now I have to schedule a daily routine, and yes she did suggested an ankle guard to reduce the stress on the ankle from regular movements. I hope I can survive these for Gunung Semangkuk.

No idea how bad it is, but this picture scares the hell out of me

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