Monday, November 19, 2007

Pres Ride 2007

Just after 1 week of labour, here comes another torment...the PCC Presidential Ride 2007. Venued at the same Kajang-Semenyih district. The endless climbs & fast rolling, some with technical bit never failed to pump up the adrenalines. Can't exactly clocked in the distance since my wornout cyclometer didn't record it precisely, but comparing with my fellow riding buddies it seemed like around 50km only.

The first loop seemed pretty fast, minus the jammed climbing at the first hill. The 2nd loop was smooth except for the almost empty tummy prior to reaching checkpoint 3 for some awesome watermelons & buns. Maybe Loop 3 was a bit edgy for a few of us, which includes me. Experienced chain-suck at the initial of every hill climb, just when I was about to spin the granny. Really sucked away the spirit & energy, especially when the unclipping went wrong...hahaha.

Loop 4 was amazingly presented with only one climb. Upon reaching the wide track road along the picnic spot, most of us concluded that it will end & only 8km more to the finish. However, the cycle back to the finish was somehow rather boring having to cycle through more bumpy palm estate road & winding tarmac within housing area. Buddies were all scattered finishing the ride at our own pace.

Going to be awhile before I start to do another long moutainbike ride after having fun & exhausting presidential ride this year. Penang Jamboree in 2 weeks time dah rasa macam tak excited & malas...hehehe.

  • Ride dist : 50.84km
  • Ride time : 5:22:55

Friday, November 16, 2007

Results out...u better run la macha!

The official results from Powerman are out on the web. Nothing to be poyo about sebab nothing can be gauged with. Unless ada duathlon series before the powerman, but then again maybe I can compare with last year's results. Nope, don't think so sebab the distances for the run & bike leg are different. But then again, the results inspires me to look forward to another powerman next year...with improvements...SUB-2 HOURS! Muahahaha!

Basically the details are as follows:
  • Run 5.5km = 0:29:53
  • T1 = 0:02:03
  • Bike 32km = 1:05:24
  • T2 = 0:01:35
  • Run 5km = 0:35:21
  • Total = 2:14:20

Each of the task requires a step-up.

Run 5.5km - The strategy to run at race pace from the start line appeared destructive considering my poor & undiscipline running preps. Only depended on mind & thanks to Saiful who ran along to T1. Get a proper running technic & get the legs in shape la bro.

T1 - Unnecessarily spending more than a minute due to exhaustion from run. Was a bit hazy deciding which items to leave behind & which to use next, in priority. Items to be clearly visible for the biking leg.

Bike32km - The effort of maintaining an average of 29-31km/hr at flats was phenomenal. Maybe this was due to regular rides during Ramadhan & after hari raya. The cramps were probably due to hydration deficiency from days before. Must closely monitor hydration next time. For extra item that might be considered for improvement is an aerobar. Being overtook by aerobar beholders were a sight to be envied. The relax position might help focusing on the spinning rather than pening kepala to get comfy & aerodynamic at the same time.

T2 - Was able to put on the running shoes fast but spending 30 secs looking for a powergel in the bag. However, it was considered a wise move knowing my feeble running & the crampy bike leg before.

Run 5km - Was basically running to survive & finish, not to outrun the others. Hehehe. Was drained from first run leg & the cramp. Was running with precaution so as not to injure myself. Same message : get the legs in shape for running.

Overall - Run la

Monday, November 12, 2007

Seri Manjung...alahai

2007 nearing an end and that's where all the excitement & those pleasureable tortures roll in. The first to appear out of the corner right after delicious hari raya is non-other than Malakoff Powerman. It's my first appearance. "Belasah aje" was my theme this year since training pun cincai especially the running part. No goals nothing, just to enjoy the trip with buddies, see & feel the atmosphere and killing my legs for the 10.5km run part.

Was only able to overcome the "lazy to start running" syndrome 2 weeks before the event. Crazy kan? Especially when a few advises told that "ok punya since dah biasa kayuh, so stamina should be ok". The truth was discovered on that day.

Four of us started off our journey from my place with a zillion traffic obstacles at late Saturday morning. After almost 45 minutes resolving "how to place 4 bikes on a Wira" puzzle, we hit the gas. Heard that there was a reformasi gathering in the city, so all roads entering KL were choked, I mean really choked! KL-Seremban highway bumper to bumper from Kajang. I can go crazy if stucked in there. We opted to take the outer city highway which doubles the distance & time...janji tak jem.

Successfully reaching Seri Manjung at 4.30 p.m. after a pleasant journey listening to the 1600 music collections from our in house iPod DJ. Tunes ranged around 70's to 80's. We were singing along with the Pet Shop Boys, Level 42, Spandau Ballet, Dato' Shake & lots more.

Just in time to get the timing chip and checked in at Lead View Hotel. Attended the briefing and took the last light before sun down to recce the cycling route since almost everybody was excited to tell about the majestic climb up the Raja Permaisuri Bainun Bridge. Yes, the recce trip definitely made us crazy where we decided to feast on ikan Gerut masak halia for dinner to chase the bridge fear away. Marina cove of Teluk Batik was the spot.

Come race day, each of us put on our race face still baring in mind about the ikan Gerut. We cycled to the transition point and started to stretch & warm up while enjoying the race climate with all those elite athletes, foreign & locals. Semua muka sungguh-sungguh mau race punya.

Our sprint cat start-off at 7.50am with the first 5.5km run around the sport complex through a nearby housing area. Managed to survive with minor cursings. The cycle part was awesome for 3/4 of the 32km route before both my tibial surrounding muscles started to inflict pain. Most of the cyclist that I overtook caught up & left me struggling...argh! The 31km/hr pace flew away in agony. The right leg and followed by the left one. I can't even spin the crank. Every effort was painful. To unclip was totally out of the question cause it will bring the bike & me down by the roadside. A quick gulped of the powergel took me about 2 painful minutes before I was able to race back to the stadium.

The second run was done with precaution as not to kill my legs. My task was to finish it...running, not walking, though it has to be a miilion small running steps. Was overtook again by the participants I left behind during cycling league. Tension oooo...

After 2hr14min20sec of war against me, I crossed the finish line. The rest of the day felt awesome when we decided to reward ourselves with unstoppable food bazarre from Seri Manjung back to KL. Award lunch at Dewan MPM. Shopped for ikan bilis at Lumut. Laksa asam at Padang Polo, Ipoh & mee bandung at my home before we close our 2007 Seri Manjung chapter.

Friday, November 9, 2007

the hunt...

i am so greatful that my hunt is finally nearing it's end. it was a gruesome journey which took me a few years of suffering. i can say that maybe it's due to a few reasons. hehe...bunyi macam gempak je...

well it's actually a mountainbikers' every dream to have their dream machine standing there elegantly with black shining knobbies, glare reflecting rotors, aweome frame geometry, gorgeous wheels, sleek comfy saddle, plush suspensions and promising drivetrains. what else can i say? the book is reaching it's final chapter. will it be a fox?? still have yet to be certained.

the sight of my beloved old & trusty black giant is something that i can't missed in a day. i will take the slightest opportunity to get into the room, sit on the bed fronting it and admiring it bit by bit besides the cdale. yes, it will again perform it's task like previous biggies year by year without complains. 3 main events coming out as we close 2007 chapter and i hope it will be awesome. cool.

Sunday, November 4, 2007


Though with thorough planning and numerous discussion and iterations, yang menentukan bukan kita. Bikes setup was crispy, diets were meticulously looked upon, apparels were picked finickily. All in order. Looking forward for the weekend.

Saturday started off as early as 6.45am leaving the house for Kiara Park for our first brick session together. Park was the usual cramped with joggers. We hit the pcc Tuesday night route from TTDI to Penchala Link, Damansara Heights and had to cut short back to TTDI to catch up with Saiful whom was fallen back during our speedchase at Sri Hartamas.

Ran two rounds at park and decided to chill, thinking not to push further considering the rest of the day punya chores. Had our late breakfast/lunch at DU with a bowl of asam laksa.

The rest of the afternoon was our last round of ziarah which ended up stucked at MRR2 from Gombak to Pandan. Missed the weekend's best EPL match sebab had to attend our neighbourhood hari raya gathering. The game between Arsenal & Manchester United ended with 2-2.

Sunday which was supposed to be a dirt day at FRIM had to be cut short sebab my loyal giant whom just had it's face lift terpaksa direhatkan akibat mengalami aheadset yang longgar due to careless & poor service of our blood sucking lbs.

Friday, November 2, 2007

caad4 R500

The routine of burning thin rubbers at Putrajaya roads continued from Ramadhan to Syawal. Instead of Friday night, the ride went back to the usual way2ride Wednesday night. A few new Wednesday night faces appeared (kita orang le tu...geng camdek) in the stale evening of Taman Warisan after it received a sprinkle of rain a few hours before.

The usual hustlers were there which had been a while since we rode with them. My best bet was the Morib trip...hahaha...that was one hell of a ride. No turning back, except when you are sitting at the back of the de rusa with the rear door open watching helpless souls drafting.

Ride started at 8.30pm with about no less than 10 cyclists...most of them season looking ones...scary siot...tapi belasah jer. The route changed but definitely we didn't miss the Elite toll plaza stretch. Ooops...forget about something that I should capture the historical moment... was this night that my Caad4 first appearance. As I defined it as a responsive frame came to live. It was hungry to go further at each stroke of the 170 crank. The freewheel were silky smooth. Bumps were swallowed effortlessly. Again it charged ahead. Tarmac were eaten inch by inch without a nich. I'm thankful and greatful that it was our destiny to be together...

Ok, enough of the advert. Our max mark was 48km/hr that night but we went above our average pace at 28km/hr throughout. Clocking 48km at 1hr45min. The adrenalines were cut short by a short drizzle while we stuffed away our things into the car.