Saturday, April 26, 2008

Cold feet

It has been 2 weeks since KOM when I was down with a flu and continued with an unpleasant running nose. It affected the whole family. Badan rasa lemah & mental dah mula rasa malas. Even the planned broga reverse ride which was supposed to be today pun, aku rasa malas, even to think about it. I decided to bail out the night before the ride thinking that it would do me more worse than good if I decided to proceed.

The thoughts of even doing any work out was none to be found. Lucky ada jugak urge to join the evening neighbourhood takraw game for the sake of laughing our tired minds away. Come night, the laziness starts creeping for an early sleep.

I haven't the slightest idea when shall I resume my work out sessions or my weekend ride plans. Until the mind & soul recover from the disease, then only will I start to decide. For the moment, I will just chill & watch the kids grow.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

JSKL Mtb Endurance & W2R KOM GS

Saturday - I ranked this simple mtb race as one of the most friendliest, happening & fun so far. Alwin, Jeng & me joined the JSKL Mtb Endurance Race with 20 other mtb enthusiasts. Race format : As many laps to be done on a 1.5km race route in 90 minutes. The route seems simple & straight forward to the eye but there lay some rooted, bone shaker school field. The interlocking pavements were smooth but slippery as we approached the u-turn. The three of us made third place in the overall.

Sunday - The much awaited way2ride KOM 2008. Expected to be one of those exclusive road races in Klang Valley. The early morning was showered that made every KOM riders nervous whether the race still on or not. Race started at 8.45am. Rolling at neutral stretch from carpark to bridge at Kg Sg Rumput was devastatingly fast capturing 40kph on my cyclo. Upon reaching the start line at the bridge, the front peloton was nowhere to be seen. I managed to pace myself & finally crossed the finish line at the peak with Alwin clocking 1hr03min plus rolling time.

Friday, April 11, 2008


A weekend after KLIM was back to the uncommitted activity, the leisurely type which I chosed to get dirty with my long lost Giant at FRIM with half a dozen others. We rode off sharp at 8.30 a.m. ignoring others whom notified to join but didn't turn up.

The several days of downpour in Klang Valley really torn up some trails in FRIM when Saiful appeared at the car park with a doughnut look tyres. The feeling of climbing up the tricky trail was fascinating, like the old days. It has been months since I rode my Giant.

Sunday was nothing more than a normal weekend with my family members at home. Not feeling like touching my roads ever since I completed Broga reverse 3 weeks ago. In fact, since KLIM was a success for me, the whole week was treated without discipline. No diet watch. No training schedule. No nothing. The evening shower also contributed with some days without sweat.

The worst thing happened was the afternoon I came back from FRIM. A single lightning strike in the middle of nowhere which crashed the modem & network card. The rest of the week was horror with no connection with the world wide web. Today, an idea from an old friend saved my life. I was back online. The wireless router brought back the cyberlife in me. Alhamdullillah.