Sunday, September 21, 2008

Month of remembrance

Ever since I started actively swimming a month ago, my sinus became worse. It turned uglier with the extreme weather nowadays. Extreme hot & cold in a day is enough to make one's life miserable for the remaining days. I was glad, come Ramadhan, travellings and meetings were kept to a minimum. Or else I will not survive the airconditioned meeting rooms & inside my car with the scorching sun outside.

Upon giving up with the self recovery running nose, I've decided to give a try with the common Clarinese (ubat selsema). The wet nose went away, no more stuffed nose during nightimes. Too much of a hope, the dry nose followed with extreme headache. I survived with days of wet nose, but a day of headache is too much. Two days of paracetamol or panadol would only chase it for a few hours. Eventually, I went back to my family doctor. Ada duit semua boleh jadi eh?

With consistent supplements (no drugs attached) everytime I have during the 8 hours window (non-puasa time), I took it for almost two weeks. Alhamdullillah by today (complete 1 month suffering), I gained my strength & confidence back.

My cycling was abandoned for the whole period of my mourning month. A few attempts were arranged but with no enthusiasm. However, a few events are up the sleeve right after hari raya. We've arranged for the upcoming Malacca mtb jamboree in 26-Oct & Powerman in 9-Nov. Might try out the Pesta Penang Roadrace for a plate or two of nasi kandar & laksa. Muahahaha!