Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Energizer Night Race 2010

Energizer, the world’s leading brand in battery technology, is hosting one of the biggest night races in Malaysia! Runners will don an Energizer headlight (provided in the goodie bag upon registration, along with other Adidas goodies) to run 42 kilometers.The country’s inaugural night race will actually take place in Cyberjaya on March 27, 2010, and is divided into 4 main categories. These are 42 kilometers, 21 kilometers, 10 kilometers, and the relay race which is (4 pax x 10 km) each. Beginning at 5 pm for the 42 km race, the event is scheduled to end at midnight.

Energizer Malaysia brand manager, said that Energizer has successfully organised night runs all around the world. The Energizer Night Race has been held since 2007 globally, becoming a major event in South Korea, Argentina, and South Africa. Energizer Sponsors Night Race. The minimum age for entry is 16 years, and there is no upper age limit. Those interested to run are encouraged to practice from the time of this announcement, advises Rustam Affandin Zaihan, the President of Pacesetters, an athletic group which is the event organiser for this race.

The circuit will appear something like the shape of the number eight. Medical assistance will be set up every 5 km, with water stations. Before the race commences, there will be a mini-concert, with local indie bands performing. Sports trainers will also be there to help participants warm up before the night run. The entry fee is RM 50 for Pacesetter members (an athletic organisation which has been around for 25 years), RM 60 for the public.

All registered participants receive a limited edition Energizer adidas running vest and many other free merchandise . Among the sponsors are Schick; venue sponsor, Cyberview Sdn Bhd; and Cyberview Lodge Hotel as the official hotel. There are discounts for runners who wish to stay the night.The official website,, will be launched on January 10, 2010.

Registration forms can be downloaded from the website. Photo credits :

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Peres...been a while

It's been a while...yes, everything's been a while. LSD, climbing Peres, etc. What better way to welcome the new year with something I've left and longing to redo for the past months. Nothing official but just some friends which I managed to gather via sms a day before. The menu was plain simple, roll off at 7.00am to Genting Peres and back. Perhaps or is it a must to stop for roti canai at Batu 18.

Alwin & me started off from my place & met up with Bahri at Batu 9. Eventually we met up with a group of cyclists from PCC at Batu 14 i.e. Clarence, PK & maybe seven others. They wanted to climb Peres & to Tekala. Our climb was casual though I suffered for the last 500 yards. Lucky Bahri was there for a non-stop huffing conversation, which he also thought the other way round. Hahaha. We didn't manage to catch the chilling Peres mist, maybe we started off a bit late from Batu 14 but the descent was relaxing.

Our starvation was cut short from an expected feeding frenzy when roti canai was only available one for each of us. Alamak! Stok tepung habis daaa... It never taste better that morning. Cukup rangup & lembut. Too bad we had to hold our desire to wallop more.

The spin back to my place was taxing for the three of us. I felt a slight hamstring pain on my left leg as I pushed on for the last 14km. Whether it's my lack of carbo load or my undisciplined diet that was draining me. I presumed that those fat-riched kambing for bbq I scoffed Friday night might be the 99% reason. Hahaha!

A week to go and it's going to be another year passed by and another year to venture. I've been busy with a few errands myself, like million others. Completing the current tasks in hand & perhaps undertaking new ones in 2010. Planning for events and races for next year almost through. I'm just targetting a few major ones and more social-driven experience. With the lack of a helping hand at home come March, I expect things would be a bit tougher for us but we'll manage. It's either now or never. All those experiences from trainings, marathon, races, events, motivations shall come in handy.

With the Hijrah & Masihi exchanging figures, and with all other resolutions at bay, I still need to be a better person. The calendar marks the spot for a paradigm. 2010 shall be another adventurous year. Insyallah.

First runners gathering for 2010 : Saucony Pacemaker Network Run Lake Garden 1st January 2010 7.30 a.m. See you there!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Smell of Bukit Tunku

Fresh feeling I can say, as I log this down, excited enough after logging my first official long-slow-distance run. It was 6 months ago, we ran here every Saturday, following Hal's program for our first marathon appearance. The Bukit Tunku route is an all time favourite for weekend LSDs.

After our Subuh prayer in Bukit Aman mosque, we assembled at the parking lot. Three failed to turn up, only six left. Supposed with nine buddies, we sure had the road sealed. Anyway, with some of us being season runners and a few decided to take running to the next level, we paced ourselves nicely towards Jalan Duta. Sight of other runners along the way felt like it was homecoming. Vista of Tijani's awesome architecture was stunning. Smell of green habitats from the Tunku neighbourhood was refreshing. Everthing was awesome.

The milage was kept at no more than 10k with option to add a few more at Lake Garden. After checking with buddies, we decided to turn back, split up & paced up to cover the Lake Garden loop. With less milage on the legs eversince Salomon, I gave it a chase, pounding the tarmac and my heart out. Pom! Pom! Pom! It almost sounded like kompang orang kawin la! Hahaha!

OK. It went well until we reached Lake Garden playground. It was always a dejavu when we attempted this loop in the later part of LSD. Always! The mental kacau syndrome. The lake loop was only about 3k but the clairvoyant synched really tore us apart. Hahaha! We decided to take a detour, a Christmas sale discount & climbed the stairs to the memorial & back to carpark. Aiyo!

Felt fresh from the run. Best part was, it's 8.30am. Generous enough for a chat over kuew teow Tangling & teh-O suam before we departed, looking forward for future mission to Sri Hartamas.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Ride & mess

First of all, just look at the mess I've done. Gatal nak mess up blog layout just because I don't like photos without frames & verdana is still my favourite font. Happened to be, I reverted back to my previous template. Kechooww! Takpe, a nice neat layout keeps up the inspiration. And sometimes we need to change to learn & perhaps start all over again. Just hope blogspot can put up some nice templates in the future that suits my preference.

OK, the post is actually to record my comeback on wheels after over a month now since Manjung erm...alahai. I barely touched nor peek at it. The courage to remove those t-bars just wouldn't turn up. Anyway, the recent public holiday gave me a starter. It was a hot day & after some dashed in the pool instead of pounding the tarmac, I was stripped free from other errands. It was just my Manjung gears & me.

As I rolled it out onto the car porch, I caught a glimpse of something peculiar on the front wheel. I didn't recall having to dirty the wheels with dirt nor mud. It was scorching & arid in Seri Manjung. A closer look & a smirk strike my face as it happened to be a tossed of Johnson & Johnson powder. I can confirmed those baby smells & bear out a vision of tiny little fingers experimenting the chemistry between beauty & bike. Hahaha! Should I left my bike a little bit longer, I can't imagine what it should turn out. A quick rinse, chafing & buff, my black beauty shined in the afternoon sun. T-bars removed, tyres rock solid pressurised. I started gathering spare tubes, tyre levers, shoes, Giro & Oakley. To boost up the motivation, I yanked myself to the LBS later in the evening with the intention to get my kids' bike brakes fixed. A nice pair of Cannondale socks caught my wallet as I left the LBS looking forward for a future spin.

Come Sunday & after a not so taxing run on Saturday, I hauled my lazy & sleepy feet to the front gate welcoming ride buddies whom decided to roll off from my place. Hanchik & Saiful shared the same calamity since Powerman. I was not alone...lega :) Just a handful of us, didn't plan for anything glamorous for a start. We met up with Bahri at Batu 9. He was already shouting for some discounts from the ride after his great 20km LSD the day before. Blessing in disguise, he found the coolest ride buddies today.

We rode all the way to Peres junction at a leisurely conversational pace. It was quite a splendid one except for the last draggy climb, which without fail will never pleased most cyclists. More cycling clans were on display along the way. Casual mountainbikers on slicks. Tandems. And for a shocker, some ladies or shall I say kakak, easily late 40's, in cycling tights handling Cervelo & Scotts! Giler kentang hebat! Those are awesome sights. I even get a chance to exchange smile with Malik, as I remember him from Baik Punya Cilok movie...orang kanan Touke Wong la. I didn't know that he's a cyclist. Saiful confirmed my puzzled mind & even affirmed that "Malik" even rode Kiara! Pergh! Mantap!

We jacked up our HRs on the way back to Batu 18, racing against time stalling at 36-37 kph. It was actually more like racing against the roti canai. Yes, we were starving even as we passed the stall on our way in earlier. Hanchik did the work while I desperately clinging to survive the 10km TT stretch. Melatop kaki! Hahaha!

Some talks over breakfast about next years takwim, especially the interstate. Heard news that the ride venues will be awesome. Looking forward to partake & might need to block my calendar. We headed home in what appeared to be a very blazing late morning climate. It felt like 1.00pm & yet we were still early to finish our ride at 10.30am. More talks over post ride at my place about future rides & events. Already I am looking forward to. Perhaps I should workout a schedule or program to get me committed & manage my weekend bustles.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Batu Dam revisited...on foot

Running up and down memory lane was something that I looked forward to when our trail running buddies planned for it as we crossed Salomon xtrail run finish line a week ago. It's been say 4 years ago when I last rode here with fellow mountainbikers. Most of them migrated into more specific activities after that. I can say that Batu Dam was a real heaven's trail for newbies on bike. It has all the leasurely undulating cross country trail along the massive lake. Should one wish to consider a bit more techy trails, entering deeper into the catchment shall be rewarded with steep technical climbs and fast winding descents through tricky bamboo trails. Exiting via the Ulu Yam trunk road can be a feast with a superb maggie soup at the rest area for the famished souls.

Group photo

Today, 18 trail runners, a by-product of Salomon xtrail event, attempted the non-public access of Batu Dam trail. We got into some lingering moments at Petronas Sg Tua, meeting up before proceeding to the rowing school entrance. What was supposed to be a 7.30am flag-off had to be altered for a half an hour delay. Anyway, everything was cool since weather was as bright as ever, so was the past 2 days.

Fong & rowing buddies were our host, so she lead the enthusiastic group into the trail. It was magnificent. Trail condition was marvelous, with a bit more sugar, it should be sweet enough for everyone. Single tracks winding around the lake shore, crossing cold stream & river, thick canopies of dipterocarps. A complete weekend getaway. Ammah! What else could I say?

We were cut short with the excitement upon reaching the trail end at Riverstone. We opted for an easy & fast back to carpark via the Ulu Yam trunk road. I bet we were the only souls who run that road in a million years. Hahaha! Eventually the chain of runners broke once we hit the tarmac when everyone ran their own pace. So, the ever embracing motto of "Jangan kasi pecah" was abandoned :P. I decided to be back with our fellow sweepers Daud & Shaq escorting Nizam, whom have only started to take running into the next level. We ran & walked back, gasping the cold morning enriching air.

Our mud accumulated shoes were then rinsed while we rest on a pontoon by the rowing school, enjoying a lovely view of the calm water body of the lake. A dip is a must for the eager ones. Splash! We went into the water for a quick sponge down, washing away those dirt & sweat.

It was quite a short run, that I was caught in a dilemma to reward myself with carbo replenishing fiesta. We stopped at a mamak for a quick breakfast of roti telur, tose rawa (new to me) and of course teh tarik.

Eventually, later in the evening, with the chance to bring my kids for a second trip to the pool, I wallop a few more laps calling it a day with clear mind & feeling bouncy.

The tarmac back with fellow sweepers

The newly crowned marathoner leading the pack

Happy to reach the carpark

Still more turns away

The pontoon lepaking

Monday, December 7, 2009

Jungle flaws - Salomon xtrail run

One of those unfortunate events when one is caught in a dead beat situation...lost! I was so determined for the race, aiming high to do a nice pacing, placing perhaps & fun. Well, the forest really took it's toll on me.

Cut short of the pre-race morning errands, we were thrilled & pumped & ready to blast-off once the air horn blew off at Kiara Park. With the strategy of hitting the trail in the front pack to avoid traffic backlog, I squeezed myself through other runners during the "screening" league around Taman Tun school. HR was idling in Zone 5 as I hopped on slippery green rocks & squeeze between runners overtaking them.

The trail pounding was kept at moderate upon reaching a more open trail which I presumed Janie's Addiction and Bar-a-cuda. As I looked front and back, I was actually in the same pack with Stephanie Chok & Wong Ah Thiam. Fuh! Laju sangat ke aku ni?! About 10 other seems like strong runners were also constantly pacing together, howling down steep long descents & huffing up steep climbs.

As we reached DS2, which was after Lower Short for drinks, I noticed the pack didn't stay long. I was already left behind. Did I only realised right while typing this post, that my attempt catching up to the group, unaware of the dedicated race route, I followed them to a detour. For what supposed to be a familiar juncture to Snake and Ladder, I made the wrong turn and ended up hammering half of Janie's and Bar-a-cuda again! Aiyo 800 kali! I was biting my lips off thinking of the blunder. It costed me half an hour repeating about 2-3km and another 3km running on the tarmac to get to the Four Cross. I was running with a Mat Salleh & a chinese senior guy complaining of the incident.

As I swerved down 2K and thumping 4K, I knew that I was already in the rear pack. Deep inside my mind, I almost wanted to abandon the race optioning for the tarmac way down. On second thought, nope. I still need the Salomon pouch after paying 60 hardly earned bucks & getting a piece of cheap & wrongly sized non-Salomon t-shirt. I'm not giving up! Ammah! Let the world go round. I'm finishing this race...strong!

I managed to catch up with my newly met senior race buddies halfway into 4K (didn't had the chance to know their names). Jumping, sliding, tree hugging, honking, shouting while overtaking more and more runners on the trail. I crossed the finish line clocking 1:45 hours...satisfied.


Got my pouch, photo session with friends & getting "lost" again on the mamak's table with my running buddies before calling it a day contemplating for another running adventure.

Oops! Forget to line up all the trail buddies that shook the forest together, only that they didn't get lost. And better still, one of us won a podium placing! That should be Ling the Great. Won herself in the 4k Women's Cat. The rest that was sharing some sympathy & also laughed with me was Nik, Che, Bacin, Fong, Saiful, Hanchik, Akmal, Alwin & Ajeep.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Back to constant pounding

I'm back, and it feels good. My days without runs must end or my attempt for upcoming events will end up crying (deep down inside la not out loud by the roadside...giler kentang!). I've managed to get a very strong reason to start pounding back on the tarmac. Trikidz. Yep, after my daughter decided to do a comeback, I've decided that she would be a great training buddy. Long school break and she has all the rest time & carbo time she wants. Splendid!

After Kiara trip last Sunday, I was spending my Monday as usual...honeymooning. Not actually, it was more like scheduling for runs. With some buddies keyed up for a great 2010 running year, we had the ball rolling with some running topics. Macam biasa, shopping was the most talk about. Hahaha!

Tuesday, my anxiety to be back home on time for my initial attempt fell short due to slow traffic flow from a late evening shower down in Klang Valley. Aku redha. At least it provided an awesome ambient for an early slumber party. Mantap.

Wednesday, I had to take a rain cheque from a futsal game & rushed back home for a second attempt. Yasmin & Amir on their bikes & I am slowly making way aerobicly. They ditched the bikes after covering about 2.5km. Yasmin ran pulak this time with me attempting her first 1km route. It's the usual loop around our neighbourhood. Of course for her first time would be tough. Run & walk. We were chatting & she didn't give up. Great! With some hype & some enthusiasms left in me, I battered the remaining minutes before azan clocking 5km. Original menu was supposed to be 8km. Janji ada. I heartened Yasmin for a repeat the following day & she agreed.

Thursday, dark clouds hovering over Cheras sky promising for a wild & wet evening. Fortunately it was a pass by, enough to lower the temperature for another shot. We were running the same route but skipped the cycle part. Perhaps Yasmin have to get some milage on those legs & some cardio workout before any brick. Amir tagged along & their laughter & joking around tire them off prematurely. So I decided to squeeze some mini fartlek to give a different tempo to it. At least they managed to run all the way completing 1 loop. Second time for Yasmin. Thumbs up! I rushed away with a bit more fartlek for myself. The post run feeling was satisfying. It was a great moment for a proper stretching, core & of course a bit of muhasabah diri.

I really missed those days, a year ago, ending my weekday runs at Lake Garden with kaum. Stretching & chat away under the blink of neon lights as joggers dispersed to conclude another day of work & workout.