Monday, February 18, 2013

Titi was just perfect

We hardly decide where to ride for the weekend after the CNY adrenalin EPO, but we knew that we cringe for more. A last minute decision was made and the word Titi though seems like a mountain to climb but the merry of the buddies attracted most of us to hop in.

It was like a weekend joy train when four of us rolled off from BTHO, later met up with four more at Batu 9 streaking a long eight cyclist into Ulu Langat on Sunday deserted road. By the time we halted at Batu 14, we have ten and the pace was kept descend to allow conversation and jokes across. Some of us decided to start early from Batu 18 hoping that the train will catch up along the way up Peres, which we did actually.

The plan was to ride down to Titi stall for breakfast and turn back for the bumptious 13km climb up to Peres. The ride was supposed to be a ‘thin red line’ kind of ride where there’s no telling whether it is pain or pleasure. But, trust me; by the end of it, you’ll be craving for the next ride already. Spicy!

When we have matured cyclists in a group ride, ride ethics, pace, timing and everything seems to fall into place like a flow of sugar into a jar. As a result, we have the perfect ride. Regrouping was cut short, and even meal time was just about nice for the ride back. Best of all, these old buddies are simply neutral minded without a speck of sentiment found. Isn’t that awesome?

OK. As prescript, the adventure started from the bridge that borders between the leveled earth and the inclines. Titi-Peres climb are awesome for its heartbreaking average 9% as soon as the pedal start its first stroke. And in between the 13km stretch, we have the mercy of some recovery stretches to relax those burning quads. The essence of it is not to drill oneself or attack like there’s no tomorrow. Plus, you have to get that perfect cadence for the ‘flow’ of eternity. Patience, virtue plus the help of an old engine like Jens Voight’s was just the best remedy to finish it with smiles grinning from ear to ear.

Yes, we have that. The smiley faces from all of us. That defines clearly how perfect it was plus the ‘the thin red line’ thing as well. I am thankful, Alhamdullillah that almost all those long ride did before had the full mercy of weather. It could be a turnaround should the overcast dispersed replaced by the streaking sun. And it isn’t pretty. Still, I have those zebra stripes across my arm.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Janda Baik, Lenggeng, Bagan Lalang & Bentong...all piled up

After the slow-building Broga Pondan Power ride last few weeks, most of us were looking forward for more. DOMS were nursed in a jiff, excited for the next ride throughout the long weekend break. Dah mula ketagih nih…

Some opted to join BJCC’s ROTM 120km all the way to Ulu Yam and back from Bukit Jelutong on Saturday. It was a seductive idea; but resting this worn out soul was a better option. I planned for a short & nice controlled 60 RPM or lower ride the next day.

With the weather changes lately, I reckon a cooler route is preferable. From the usual Sekolah Teknik Gombak to Genting Sempah and detour into Kampung Janda Baik was simply continental.

A small group of four, we made our way up casually harassing at every chance of throwing jokes over the handlebar. It was nice. Weather was sweet too.

The plan was to have a coffee break at the famous cyclist joint Kopi & Kraf. It is such a nice & serene spot for a relaxing morning over a cup of coffee. We chose from a variety of Brazilian, Arabic or Colombian. Cikanos! A small portion (konon…) of nasi lemak that was just right for the moment was enough to make our day.

Then, we had to endure the four working days, anxiously waiting for the weekend. On Sunday, I opted to join a few old buddies whom went missing from cycling for awhile & planned for a healthier 2013 lifestyle. We did the Lenggeng loop. Legs were crispy from previous feats and have started showing good results.

Photo by Julie on top of Bukit Puyoh

The CNY break was spent locally. No plans for outstation getaways due to anticipated hectic holiday makers all over the country. Hence, ride plans were tabled.

After a chilling time with the family on Saturday, I hopped on to the Bagan Lalang cycle-train with some old friends. Sekarang ni belasah aje join mana-mana or sesaper pun :]

Instead of the usual UNIKEB, Bangi to Bagan Lalang route and back, Ajeep did a bit of alteration by changing the start point at PICC and introducing a new small loop with extra 30km via Labu on to the original route. It has some sustainable rolling hills almost like Bukit Pelandok, but kept to a less tormenting level. Traffic was almost zero due to its solitary location and perhaps the CNY holiday. Weather was even more promising, overcast throughout the ride. The CNY ride was concluded with 131km at a manageable pain and satisfaction.

Checked-in by Bahri at Bagan Lalang
Recovery day that followed was spent at Janda Baik picnic outing with the family. We welcomed a new family member and named her Leggo. She’s adorable, and that was the key point dad’s heart melted. Though I was against the idea of having a cat in the house from the start, but this time it was exceptional. Perhaps, it is timely that we introduce some exciting adjustment to the family.

Meet Leggo

The original plan to revisit Bentong after a lengthy absence was pushed. From food joint to food joint was the plan, in fact food was also the driven factor for all our rides! From Sup Awe, Gombak to Najath Restoran, Bentung where it was nicely done in a descend 5 hours ride time which was mostly steady state climb on the way back. Similar to Broga Loop, these climb are seldom pleasurable. The 30km climb back from Bentong is mostly pain and less pleasure, unless with steady pace and of course lots of patience. My trip a year ago was a nightmare!

Photo by Abe Awe
Regrouping at chilling Genting Sempah.
Photo by Abe Awe

Kow Po ABC closed for CNY. Najath substitutes
the pit stop. Photo by Abe Awe

With two weeks of long weekend breaks & induced with long rides, the legs are slowly getting into shape as well as my fitness level. Alhamdullillah. More miles ahead as we slowly look into the events that will be unfold soon.