Monday, October 7, 2013

The highlight of the week was planned to being dirty playing mud and dirt with buddies for a ride into Kemensah. It has been ages since our visit and we kept on wondering for its existence. Plans were laid out towards the weekend, but not until Friday evening when Amir decided to ring the bell. He made a request for me to usher him for Sunday's school sports day. 

"Abang masuk 3 acara tau ayah." And I wouldn't want to miss these. I've missed some of his soccer matches but this is no exception. A few messages threw across the whatsapp board and we are good to go for Sunday.

Back in my mind was also to substitute my ride. I had no choice but to do it on Saturday which is a seldom thing. I need a mid-size ride after 2 weeks idling. And I was also contemplating to do one at the same time since Friday would normally be a hectic day till night and a Saturday ride would be creating more lactic acids equals suffering.

Browsing for a last minute group ride, BJCC would normally ride on Saturday and they planned for Kuala Klawang from Batu 18. Blessed. I chose to join them, but still before I hit the sack, I was still hesitant.

I had to do this. Left home and drove to Batu 18. That would be abnormal, but I had to be there in time for the roll-off at 7.30 a.m. It rained in the wee hours, resulting to a very cold morning in the small town Batu 18 and English climate up in Genting Peras. 

The torment started straight after the descending towards Titi, the 20km ride to Kuala Klawang and back (the breakfast session was of course OK), the ride back to Titi, the climb back up to Genting Peras and back to Batu 18. A combo of 10% pleasure and 90% torture. That was a wrap and I spent the rest of the day sleeping it over with very tight hamstring.

OK. The actual highlight was the sports day. Amir did 3 events! I tell you, this guy is a master in doing these kind of stuff. The ones that does not require 5 minutes or longer staring at books. The psycho-motto thing is superb for him and I don't have the slightest idea where he get it from. I don't do sports day or football friendlies in my hey days. Not until I was in the 20s. But Amir excels without even knowing his age boundary.

For the first time I came across hurdles at a primary school sports day. 80m hurdle for the first event and I saw him at the first lane. He was strong throughout but the last hurdle caught his stride and he toppled. Lucky it was on the field. I knew he was crying from the frustration and not from the fall, but when I saw his team mates comforted his way back to the team tent, I decided to let him grow and deal with the fall as an athlete.

I missed his winning 200 meter dash while I was away awhile but KakLong was there to cheer his victory. I bet that it was a priceless moment.

The grand finale was the 4 x 100 meter dash. Favourites. Amir was the second runner. When he received the baton, the Blue Team was second. But he managed to be first at the last 20 meter before passing the baton to the third runner. However, a small accident happened between the runners and the baton fell from the third runners grip. Then, they were second in position again. But they kept the strength and maintained the place till the end. Alhamdullillah.

I am proud of this fella. A 2 minutes pep talk earlier in the morning in the car was my only chance that he understands winning and losing is not about luck, but plain effort, prayers and Allah almighty's bless. 

"Losses are just another way of Allah's decision to give us something better. Winning is also Allah's way to tell us that we can only ask from Him and no other."

The 4x100 Blue Team feveret. Sorang lagi pi beli air sirap

Hat yang ni iklan...tapi champion in the making
cuma belum tau speciality

Bapaknya dapat naik 1 kali je podium tu :P

Naufal, our jiran missed his 2nd runner up long jump medal