Thursday, February 27, 2014


Meanwhile, something that may have been an outdated news due to the training excitement, again. We have a new family member. A second attempt at having a cat in the house. Daughter's been asking about it, which I have no idea of where she had the idea from. I know cousins and friends have cats, but our previous attempt at Lego, a kitten adopted from Janda Baik, was not quite successful.

No. It's not that the cat died or what. We just send it back to Janda Baik after deciding that we were not ready with the additional responsibility.

It's all about responsibility. And someone have to carry it all. If they cumulatively decide to have a cat, then the drama of pointing fingers will occur when it comes to having the job done. For example is the cat waste management, cat food issues and of course the expenses. The expenses will come from the parents. The daily routines will create issues.

Cats is cuddly. I was made to know that males are the most cuddle-some. A friend told me so, and it's true. Those eyes will definitely make you 'cheroiii...'.

Our month long experience with Lego was nothing. We had to learn more. I had to firm out that cat facilities should be top notch before bringing in the cat. We were fortunate that the previous owner passed us the cat condo worth 500 bucks complete with cat bowl and all other accessories for FREE!

We had trouble with his name. Yes, it's a HE. Not a big issue actually but simply enjoyed calling numerous names. Mom called him Rare. It was supposed to be for another kitten that we planned to adopt a month before, but too bad it was involved in a road kill. Innalillah. Daughter preferred Snow, from his fluffy white fur. I would simply call out whatever names that cross my mind, that would normally be Lego or Rare.

My youngest would normally play with him, testing his flying trapeze skills. Daughter will make him the 'kitty hand-rug' while enjoying her novel. Mom will test his vocal skill ambitiously thinking that cat can also talk. My second will simply ignore him since he worries too much if the cat ain't got enough care & love. Me, on the other hand is the supervisor making sure everyone play their role, and that includes Rare himself.

So far, Rare has been a good cat. I like him except when he follows me around when I arrive home everyday. I know that he needs a good scratch from me at least a minute or two. 

Some say that he needs to be neutered. That would be some kind of a bit cruel for the first thought of course. I started google-ing and learned that it's not against the religious if neutering can help avoid unfortunate things like hygienic issues and stuff like that.

OK, I introduce you to Rare, Snow or whatever his name is...

Photo by Yasmin

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Sizzlilng Bagan Lalang

It was recorded a 36 degree C yesterday on Garmin. Sizzling on our way back from Bagan Lalang. The super heat added a major challenge to the ride. Toss in some wild winds from all sides, a 30 kph pedal stroke could probably produce a 200 watt resistance. At windless condition, that could have achieved a 35 kph cruising for a longer haul instead. But yesterday, most of us decided to share the load optimally, for not to haggle in the red zone too long scared of not finishing the ride.

I was a bit on the 'off-side' at certain stage of the ride. The beginning started off with minor tight chest. Perhaps due to the humid morning and late night sleep. The ride back legs were playing the Linger note by The Cranberries. It was sustaining pain at the front pushing through the wind. It was also painful trying to catch up with the peloton when the terrain goes upwards.

At some point over post ride assessment, I think I need a 'break week'. I've been neglecting the rules of training. The enthusiasms over ruled what the body needs to say. I felt the fatigue crept in as signs of no rest. Though it may seem that I only ride on weekends, but the weekdays' chores are intervals itself.

But how can I, when there is The Stage 4 - Genting for Le Tour de Langkawi this weekend and I've also signed up for a mountain bike jamboree the week after? I have this whole week to evaluate the condition.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Niner to Bentong

Some may feel that this is just another typical cyclist blog. Weekend over weekend, like there's nothing else to do besides cycling the regular route. Monotonous? It depends. Should it is an attempt purposely for training combined with group ride with buddies, then the perspective shall differ. Try it. The view and feeling atop the handlebar is awesome. You'll enjoy the sceneries and suffered under the climate. The typical tropical cycling adventure.

For the past two weeks we still commute the same places. It was a plan to mix between flat and hill rides. Ijok and Bentong. The later was a bit different when I decided to bring my mountain bike instead. I had to conclude with a wider tyres to substitute my phobia of descending those winding roads. Hopefully it helps with boosting confidence.

By the way, a day before Bentong it was wedding trip down south to Malacca. It was so hot, causing some DOMs later in the evening upon arriving home. The mental started juicing out dilemma thoughts of the Bentong idea, adding heavy bike phenomena some more.

All was good throughout the ride from Gombak to Bentong. It was always good for all rides when it was on the way to the destination. Though I had to churn a little bit more effort to catch up with the pace due to heavier bikes, but the 29 inch wheel diameter were able to equalise the rolling coverage. I had the feeling that almost 40% of my energy was used up compared to 30% should I rode a road bike. The difference in tyre width resulted to more rolling resistance, plus the extra 3 kilos weight contributed to that 10%.

I downed a plate of 'nasi campur' in Bentong, making it my lunch, a plan to survive the extra energy required to drag myself and the Niner back up the 30 km climb.

It was decent pace from Bentong but an inch of incline caught a hold of me. I managed to stay with the group until the incline gets steeper after Sekolah Bukit Tinggi. That was where gravity was a downside. I struggled moving the Niner up towards Janda Baik junction and all the way to Genting Sempah. The legs almost felt empty.

The descending back down to Gombak was confident but I had to press hard to catch up with those light road bikes though at a 5% gradient. It was a hard Bentong ride this time compared to a few weeks ago. I chose it. Strength training...konon....blah.