Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Was that a LSD?

When there were no upcoming event, I became lazy to run on weekday mornings as I did before. There was simply no motivation. I just wait for weekends. The recent weekend was not as interesting as the last two, hence I had to push myself at least for something to sweat about.

My other half had plans to spend the morning in Putrajaya with her siblings, which includes breakfast and breeze walking by the lake. I on the other hand must arrange for another plan at the same venue. I brought along my running shoes and the rest of the attire.

For motivation, I fixed a mission, to test a new running application I downloaded on my phone. Yes, I know I am kind of not-up-to-date despite the existence of the apps many moons ago. I'm trying to inspire myself here.

It was the Runkeeper apps. I still remember having to use Endomondo and Daily Miles. Perhaps this one had some twicks for improvement. 

I started from Monumen Alaf Baru, the torpedo shape structure and cruise my slow pace along the lake taking me behind the Tuanku Mizan Mosque, the Putrajaya Flora Fest venue towards the bridge before PICC.

The yellow concrete pavement was hard on my feet, hence I had to carefully pounce them in order to avoid any reasons to ditch the run. There were many recreation cyclists both families and small groups that I came across. Only a handful of runners. Once in a while I came across the 100 Plus Outrunner directional signage, which will take place that evening. I thought that the lanes could be a bit narrow to cater for the run.

I crossed under the bridge and ran to other side only to find a more secluded place though it seemed like more nice place to run and cycle due to the absence of traffic. But, I decided to turn back and continue my way back while the sun started stinging my back.

It was a great run and the humidity simply threw in buckets of sweat after the run.

Runkeeper seemed OK for the first time using it. Though I found some glitches like inconsistencies recording the current running pace, but I don't mind. I might try it during the next run.

See how slow I am now? Yes, I still enjoy running

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