Friday, March 18, 2016

Smart Study Workshop for Kids

It is in the middle of a week school break, which most prefer to go for a long escape back to hometown or attending weddings. But some prefer to stay locally enjoying the deserted traffic and chilling indoors from the escalating heat all over the country.

A two day Study Smart Workshop was organised at our Surau Al-Ansar for level 2 primary kids. All 30 of them from almost the same school. We invited facilitators and motivators to address and share the workshop modules for the kids targeting them to at least gain some brain planning for their studies.

We had modules such as:
  • Ta'aruf (know yourself and your friends)
  • Time management
  • Focus and focus
  • i-Smart
  • Mind mapping
  • Self potential
It was fun and sometimes a bit stressful when audience became restless due to boring stuff. Hence, we had to continuously making every session an interesting one. Not easy I tell you. We ended each day exhausted. I wonder how daycare and nursery operators keep their stamina?

However, the fun and drive doesn't come together without passion. Me myself have not discovered this personal potential on handling sessions for kids until this event. My other half obviously had everything hands on due to everyday tasks and challenges in the field.

Kids seemed happy and hopefully they get what was taught and shared.


More anxiety

Mini Poster & Event Schedule

Girls on task

Jokers & actors

Playing the stock broker game

Dhuha with Jemaah

The bunch


Qoilullah before Zohor

I want to a ...! And applause by friends

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