Saturday, May 24, 2008

Itu Kamu

Masa aku dok karang post kali ni, adrenalin tengah dalam paksi menegak. The best word to describe the feeling is WORLD 800 kali! Apa taknya, the second best holy grail baru aje jumpa pagi tadi. We can described it as the mini Kiara.

Yep, Mutalib, my neighbour, been spreading the news of this new trail in Bandar Mahkota Cheras (BMC). The first time he described it to me about the existence of singletracks under the canopy of rubber trees, already I was shivering with enthusiasm. Today, we paid a visit with the courtesy of fellow trail makers Din, Man & their fellow mtbers.

After a quick breakfast at a mamak, mtb style with mtb enviro, we hit the trail head. Upon reaching the canopied singletrack, I knew that this ride was going to be an awesome one. One loop section after another, that was the style...just like Kiara. It has trees swerving trail, short burst climbs, tricky drops and downhills, river crossing, long lung busting climbs, abandoned construction tracks & loads of blood thirsty mosquitos...rubber trees maaa...what do u expect? Even there are more potential new trails were found. Din was so excited sharing their experience and future trailbuilding projects. I couldn't agree more but to share the excitement.

Even Bachin who started off the ride with low seat post due to lack of off confident, now he was all steamed up with the body swerving loops. World ye Bachin.

Our short epic ended at the same mamak with maggi goreng & maggi sup. Two punctures were the casualties today, Alwin & me...both terpaksa hutang tubes dengan kawan2...hehehe. Thanks to Mutalib, Alwin, Bachin, Din, Man, Bahron, Rahim, Fariz, Azhar and other bmc riders.

The best thing was...hey! I got an awesome singletrack mtb trails JUST like Kiara behind my house la bro...hehehe... take the following song to describe the beauty of the precious trail & of course my bike.

Segala yang ku pasti akan aku capai tuk mengambil hati mu
Melepasi angkasa cinta ku
Sesudah aku melafazkan kesemua yang diperlu

Ia seperti suluhan yang terang

Segala yang kau ragui akan ku padam habis dari hati mu
Mengingkari dalaman akal mu

Takkan puasku, mengiringi semua tawa dan tangisanmu,
Anggun wajahmu, pelita yg terang

Hatiku mahumu
Masih masih masih masih…

Kau terindah
Masih ada
Yang tercantik
Itu Kamu

Tiada mengapa taupun sampai bila kerna cinta enggan kenal mengalah
Memanah masuk hatiku yang reti
Setelah kau nampak tetap ku masih menunjukkan erti hidupku
Yang mahu bersama kau buat selamanya…


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  1. hi there, I live Sg Long 4/2. Used to cycle alot but was 15 years ago LOL Now I am very unfit and fat so I brought myself a da bomb tora bora XC MTB and I want to ride again! I am interested in riding the area @ Mahkotar. Please email me at
    Wyatt Wong


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