Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Bye 2008/1429H

Bye bye 2008 and definitely 1429 Hijrah. The norms "kejap je rasa 2008 dah habis...hmmm". A statement defined as satisfaction achievement or zero achievement. The most important is to look forward for a better tomorrow, which means next year 2009.

There is nothing in my mind for 2009 except thinking of my current tasks or goals. To achieve it. Ada la sikit-sikit personal goals & family goals yang nak kena settle kan. Pelan-pelan kayuh, kasi settle one at a time. No need the new year to start a new.

Ok, may 2009 and 1430H have more rezeki & blessings from Allah. Amin.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Back in the pool

Ever since I came back from Teluk Rubiah & did a short dash across the not so crystal clear pool, I knew that running improved my stamina in a drastic manner. From there onwards, I was craving to do more.

Last Saturday evening's visit to Putrajaya pool came short of a dip since I had to do a close monitoring of my fellow kids & their cousins. Splashing of the cool clear water & some breathtaking strokes of fellow swimmers was definitely a vigorous invitation.

Two days later, after no any physical activites, which is today, I brought along my family back to Putrajaya. was marvelous.Did 4 x 50 meters with a 1 minute rest. I can go more but save the best for later.


Right now I'm suffering from running nose & regular sneezings. Better get that repair before my next trip :P

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Malakoff 12km run

After 2 months of hectic runs midweeks and long runs on weekends, the Malakoff 12km Run was my first race & the last race for 2008. My buddies & me were looking forward for it, making sure to try out our theoretical pace analysis from our trainings. Not just that, it was also the right time to test our running gears grabbed from warehouse sales & running shops after spending cash & time running in them during our trainings.

Come Saturday morning we rallied at Taman Rimba Kiara for our kit collection. We were provided with an overlarge New Balance vest & some other ignorable stuff. I took along Yasmin after her swimming class. All of us dropped by the Garden for a quick tour of Adidas & Mizuno boutiques for some close up views of those gorgeous footwears reviewed from websites & blogs, locals & abroads.
Race day, we left for Taman Tun at 5.20am, carpooled with Nizam. Performed Subuh at Taman Tun's mosque and left our cars there. A half an hour of nerve wrecking moment, qeueing behind the start line & off we hurdled towards the welcoming long & steep hill of the first 3km stretch.
The route was revised to a 2 laps of the same road instead of running on the sprint highway & Penchala Link tunnel. That was a bit dissappointing. So, we had to face the same hills twice. My first lap was an observation one, gauging the juices used & remaining in store. The final stretch back to finish line was more on assessing my strength. It was a great feeling. I clocked 1'03"45min pacing at 5.19min/km...macam laju aje. Bacin pesan, kalau marathon buat pace tu...mampuih ler :P

Training buddies


KRU (Kumpulan Rambut Uban)

Macha Rocco

Dealer tupperware

Jiwa kacau

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Footwear evaluation phenomena a.k.a. jiwa kacau

Pergh! Hampir semua dah kena sawan kasut. Teringat aku nickname "kasut" untuk sorang member aku masa kat kolej...hehehe. Pitcher softball yang senang mental kacau, actually semua pitcher mental kacau. Ada yang sampai cakap sorang-sorang kat tengah pitch tu.

Ok la, since Hal ada mention in his 5th week schedule, it is time to evaluate our footwear. Evaluate je sebenarnya tapi budak-budak ni dah bantai assessment tahap ISO. Tambah lagi dengan adanya M'sia Sale Carnival. Aku pun terjebak sekali. Actually memang it's a good timing la sebab ni la masa nak dapat good offer or bargains. Kalau takde sale, jangan harap le nak belek any of those juicy trainers from the shelves.

Started from last week, semua dah tak sabor nak tunggu weekend 29-Nov mulanya shopping carnival. Come weekend during our long run, the morning air was filled with shoe & gear talks. Come Sunday, sms & phone calls exchanged throughout the day. Busy, busy, busy with footwear tests & talks.

I was not left out. My month long target for the Adizero Tempo can't be compromised. With only 10% less, aku sambau aje...malas nak fikir lama2 & menanggung seksa jiwa yang kacau. Sekali dengan selai vest Formotion yang nampak lazat bila dah try.

Ropa2nya Bacin lagi jiwa lara kronik dari aku. Sabtu petang dah tunggang terbalik kat rumah. Petang tu jugak dia pi sambau Supernova Sequence kat Pavillion dengan offer untuk trade in his old Asics. On the way balik, call aku dengan nada poyo & puas.

Isnin, aku temankan Saiful to Garden. Yang ni pun lagi rakus. Habis semua kasut kat shelf dalam adidas boutique dia capai & try. Adistar Control 5 or Cushion 7? Tapi eventually malam tu jugak pi sambau Mizuno Wave Rider 12 kat Bangsar with unresisted offer. Dapat staff price, cut off 40% for this newly arrived model Runner's World Editor's Choice...cilakak! Run Selasa petang masing2 memperagakan footwear baru kecuali aku & Nizam. Aku cool saja nak bior depa poyo dulu. Huru hara kejap jugak la Lake Garden petang tu. Nizam dah mula dijangkit jiwa kacau. Siap la nanti aku akan terima phone calls...hehehe.

We just hope with these right chosen gears, we could excel, motivate & survive the 18 weeks training & eventually achieved our goals. Insyallah.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Run jangan tak run beb...

Lama jugak tak update blog, ada 2 minggu kot. Maybe sebab dah sampai tahap stim nak berlari, so takde feel nak mengarang. Except for tonight. Only this weekend aje yang sought of reda sikit from activities. Dah 2 minggu miss EPL on tv & 2 minggu tak kayuh & 2 minggu tak update blog.

Perkembangan training marathon aku agak positif. Despite some rainy evenings & outstations, aku still survive to squeeze in the mid week runs & have not cheated on the weekend long runs. Ada jugak yang we had to run in rain sebab we have done a lap of the Lake garden route...belasah aje. Tapi tak sehebat those regulars la yang bedal sampai 4 laps until gelap gelita pun lari lagi. Sat lagi maghrib pulak entah ke mana.

Like before during this year half marathon, aku masih cuba survive with a healthy diet especially carbos prior to runs. Watched by cafine intake & those saturated fats. Ngeri ooo...

Running pals were great. We managed to maintain the pack, be it the mid week runs & even the weekend's. At certain session, the comers were encouraging 10 runners. To keep me up with the running anxiety, I would do like what I always do, keep on feeding myself with running infos & facts, and the better deal is going shopping for running stuffs. Hahaha...with the Malaysia sale carnival on, things will be a bit chaotic in the next few weeks.

Eventually aku managed to squeeze in a cycling session as part of the cross training. Come Sunday, though with all the laziness in the world & tiredness from yesterday's long run, aku layan je. Rolled off from my place with Saiful towards Langat & back. Felt good. Just a santai ride spinning all the way. We missed 2 weeks & our milage dah reset balik. Rugi ooo...